I’m not cheating…I just write other blogs.

While I’ve been trying to keep you all from meeting and all the embarassing questions that come with it. How long? Why? Wasn’t I good enough?

I find that now I’ll neglect one for the other or visa versa.

Now what the heck! Let’s go total transparency. More so than business and more so than government. I want you to know me and I’m involved with other projects.

Two big projects I am starting:

First I’m in process of getting financing and my business plan for a multi media theatre diestrict. Lots of work and lots of fun. Lots of no’s and some yes’s.


Since I like diversions. Show me something shinny and I’ll be gone for hours.

I’m thinking that I would like to run for President of the US.

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Americans have the right of free speech and to freely assemble. Americans have the right to protest. We also have the right to be safe and the expectation that our law enforcement community will do its best to protect us. For most that was never the case.

Now is it so easy to arrest, detain and incarcerate. How is it so easy to pull and fire a weapon at another human being? I believe that the culture of the Police has isolated itself from the general population. Police have assault weapons, tanks, helicopters and planes, a wide range of killing and surveillance  machines to use against citizens. Citizens distrust police and other government agencies. It is a vicious cycle. It won’t get better until we as citizens, specifically me and my White counterparts along with everyone else,  force the change. Sadly the fear of  White Americans keep most from joining the protests. The white population has a tremendous amount of fear; including fear of retaliation. I know I’ve been there. Even more unfortunate we, as White citizens, do not believe that we are welcome in the protests, even though we want to help and we want an end to this entrenched racism. Believe me most of us do, and as always there are those who will never change. Who knows why but the rest of us are in support of the rights of every citizen.

As citizens we have a very big job ahead of us, we must break through the wall of the culture of Police authority. They need to be invited to the table and Whites have to jump into the discussion and protest as necessary. This is a whole new place for America, we have been a segregated society since the beginning and now it’s time for a really, really big change. We must come together before this other type of segregation can thrive, this authority vs. citizens.

I am deeply harmed by the explosion of violence during the protests against the shooting of Michael Brown. I question those who point their weapons at citizens and those who loot and cause more violence, who are these provocateurs? There is no room for this kind of reaction. This enhances fear. We must get beyond that.

I kindly ask all the White Americans and White people everywhere to read the article from “The Root” and join the struggle. I kindly ask that Black, Latino, Asian and many other Americans to help Whites to join in this struggle. We all need to be welcome to make our home a better place. We can help each other.

I posted this earlier today on our Library Diversity Blog