I’m not cheating…I just write other blogs.

While I’ve been trying to keep you all from meeting and all the embarassing questions that come with it. How long? Why? Wasn’t I good enough?

I find that now I’ll neglect one for the other or visa versa.

Now what the heck! Let’s go total transparency. More so than business and more so than government. I want you to know me and I’m involved with other projects.

Two big projects I am starting:

First I’m in process of getting financing and my business plan for a multi media theatre diestrict. Lots of work and lots of fun. Lots of no’s and some yes’s.


Since I like diversions. Show me something shinny and I’ll be gone for hours.

I’m thinking that I would like to run for President of the US.

In the meantime Please take a look at the links below.



Linked In


I also have a henrywest twitter that I set up but haven’t used it yet



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