We have an Outstanding selection of Democrats Running for President. My Ideal Ticket…

Keep up the good work Dems. Keep the feet of our treasonous, traitorous, anti-American, anti-humanity Republican Party in the FIRE.

I used to have respect for our Republican Party. No longer. Can’t Support Them. Bad for America. Bad for the World.

Warren and Sanders 2020

I would love to see an Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Presidential ticket.

Elizabeth for President and Bernie for Vice President.

Photos taken from Firefox search, Keywords Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Liz and Bernie.


Meandering Haiku

It will not shut off

Entertainment, news, required

Can’t I be alone


Sun burning garden

Bugs and birds run and hide

Doggie looks for shade


You will miss important things

My phone won’t shut off

Responses and likes needed


Noisy fan too loud

Sleepless nights soaking my pillow

Morning tired no coffee


Computer still on

Memories of quietness

Pining for isolation


Rain falls doesn’t hit the ground

Humans gasp for air

Heat wave in America


You must acknowledge

I don’t want to either way

Turn off the device


Press power button

I want to – It won’t let me

Participation required


Traffic stopped along the highway

Automobile burns

Ambulance slowly drives through

Humans -I Love You




My heart goes to those in Sudan, Hong Kong and the so many unmentioned, unacknowledged Heroes everywhere on the planet.

“There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part. You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it — that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!”

-Mario Savio

Thank yous -Good News Everyone

Thank you Detroit



Thank you Jon Stewart



Thank you Justice Dept.



Thank you Physicists



Thank you Hayagriva Madhav temple



Thank you Canada (2 times)




There are many wonderful things going on. Let’s celebrate.




Triggering, Triggers of the Triggered

I find it somewhat amusing when some “Conservatives” say this or that about “Liberals” then a month later the “Conservative” gets busted for the exact complaint. Yes it happens, you know it does.

I find it somewhat amusing when at the podium “He who shall be impeached, indited and eventually imprisoned.” He’ll be the first president to actually serve time for his crimes against humanity. Unlike many other presidents he may not get away unscathed. Calling everyone on the other side names, threatening dissenters, and spewing his gaseous, toxic hate then states “Americans have to work together to reunite a divide country.”

Yes quite humorous.

But when I see the glowing, hope of his followers. When I see the drug like joy in hating those they do not care to understand. When I see the pornography of their violence. The delightful voyeurism of causing pain.

They are just so happy about it all.

What has happened to them?

For the love of God stop being offended by everything

We live in the best of times.

Think about it, indoor plumbing, electricity, airplanes, *gasp* The Internet, instantaneous gratification on many levels, mostly quality food, and in most cases we even care for each other more than humanity has ever cared.

And so much more.

And yet they are miserable.

And yet they hate me.

And yet they hate you.

They “hate” but truth is they hate what they’ve become and can’t find a way out.

Trigger This.

Bring joy to those around you

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Have a wonderful weekend





Desperate Tyrants

We have a racist and fascist president and supporters. When supporters call for a Civil War it is treason. “They” may have 3 trillion bullets but we the people will drown them out. He may have “friends” in the military, police and biker gangs to threaten those who disagree but we the people will overcome. I am sure there are more members of those groups who wish to see him gone. We are more, many more. “They” will have to retreat to their dark places and wait for the next opportunity. During that time “they” must be exposed to the light of day. Truth no matter how much you bury it will dig its way to the surface.

Let us ensure that this never happens again.

Use your art, use your minds, use your pen.

Let’s take these bastard to the fucking cleaners!

We will survive and we must take responsibility for our past transgressions.

We must rekindle our mandate to be a more perfect union. World wide.

As Queen Latifah said, ” We’re Americans, let’s act like it.”

Never forget that there are more good people, more good things happening than we are lead to believe.

Be strong and care for your family, neighbors, friends and strangers.

As always I Love You.

Photo source: Ripped from Reddit.



Happy Holi to our friends

Photo source: Ripped from Reddit

Person of the Year: The Internet Troll

Putin is ramping up his psy-oping Calling for a Cuban Missile-like crisis while stating that the “deep state” is after Trump. Mixed messages of nuclear war and conspiracy theories.

Coming up to the 2020 election cycle the Trolls are gathering en masse to ensure confusion and frustration. Their best hope is to keep us destabilized. Also to make sure the world remains destabilized. Breaking up the European Union, breaking up America’s partnerships around the world and breaking up peaceful Asian partnerships will open up the world to tyranny and domination. There are large and powerful forces planning on this and doing everything possible to make it happen.

We are constantly bombarded with disinformation. It successfully keeps the country off balance. Putin is a master at the game. We are being whooped.. Our media and government agencies are doing much the same, we are overly sensualized to the porn of horror, hate and tragedy. While our better natures are ridiculed and trivialized.

Mixed messages continue to flow in. Diverting our attention to all that is going on. We can obsess on our hatred for one another, we can focus on our frustration with our politics but I believe our issues are beyond politics.

Out on a limb….

I’m to the point where politics are becoming more of a hindrance in the modern world. I believe the world needs a strong management team of perhaps 10,000 people, containing sub-teams of up to maybe a million people representing the populations, with a couple of figure heads to express the decisions being made. Yes government by committee and a damn big committee.

We don’t need a cartel of billionaires or tyrants controlling our planetary resources and dolling out crumbs to barely feed the populations.

First of all we must end these battles between one another.

We must think about our planet and the species which inhabit it. It’s a small Blue Dot and we have no place else to go. We have no other food, oxygen or water sources. As we now know those resources are finite.

We must stop tearing each other apart.

We are being manipulated.

We can overcome.