Disabilities – Practice Love

When I was in junior high and washing dishes at the local coney island restaurant. I experienced two moments related to disabilities that affected my life. First while mopping the floor a customer approached me to ask a question. The customer had a speech impediment, I tried to listen and understand but I could not. Fortunately a waitress came over and bailed me out.

The second time I had a good friend who only had one hand. One day he asked me to put in a good word for him to the manager since he wanted to work at the coney as a dishwasher. When I mentioned him to the manager, the manager gave me an angry look and said he couldn’t work at the coney. When I inquired the manager pointed at his own hand. I told the manager that he was really good at sports hoping that might change his mind. But he refused even to interview or try out my friend. I was hurt and I told my friend. I didn’t realize the hurt my friend would feel. I cared about him but I didn’t understand his situation.

Some may not want your help. That’s alright. Always respond with kindness and love.

I’ve spent these many years actively listening instead of jumping in and unsuccessfully trying to complete someone’s thought. I had to train myself to do so.

When you want to help it’s too easy to assume to know what that person needs. Relax, listen and take your time. The help you provide may be to make you feel better. So don’t get upset if you don’t get the “proper” response from the person you helped.

Do it for yourself. Do it for them. Do it for love.

Approach with Kindness.

I haven’t been as brave as I should.

Throughout history most “rights” movements have ignored people with disabilities.

When you know it’s time to do the right thing Do It. Suffer the consequences. It’s all about building integrity. We need to help those who need it. We need to help those who need it and don’t ask. Be there as support and respect their humanity.

I get a charge from helping others.

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Love one another

Hand turning the word Disability into Ability with red marker isolated on white.


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There are many resources available. Please check your local government websites or search the word disabilities.






Reddit link https://www.reddit.com/r/Disabilities/


We must care for one another


Abusive Sugar Sugar Abuse Global Pandemic

I have consumed a lot of sugar. I remember when I was very young my brother and I would eat candy all day. This continued until high school when my diet changed to French Fries, Snickers and Pepsi. In my twenties I ate processed foods 2 or 3 times a day and had my favorite binge munchies. That diet continued until my early 40s. Getting married and slowed down going out to eat and binge-ing in front of the tube. We started paying more attention to the food we purchased. We started reading about food and taking the steps to purchase organics and local as much as we could. Fortunately it’s getting easier to purchase food that is better grown and raised. We continually search out the best place or market to purchase. We do have to be diligent. We spend a lot of money on “real” food. We’ve been doing this for about 10 years and the first benefit is feeling better.

The pressure is there to eat processed foods and “healthy” drinks. Some teas and juices have 35 grams of sugar per serving with often 4 serving per container of about 16 to 32 ounces. UNBELIEVABLE! We’ve been staying away from juices, energy bars and processed foods either from the store or restaurant. Especially stay away from anywhere that offers dinner from a drive through.

There is a lot of info out there. Below are a few videos to scare the crap (literally) out of you.

For your health and the health of the planet please do what you can and make small changes. Small changes lead to big things.

Please watch a few videos and check the related videos on you tube and you’ll get into the mood.