Thank you

Thank you diligent few

The merry band of readers obscura

I’m happy to know your blogged avatar and your ideas, occasional thoughts, ramblings and rages

You present to me music, art, style and just about everything.

Life, you present me life.

Thanks for stopping by


I return to a pile of trinkets, so carefully saved through the years

Filling up the corners of my Sunday with necessary aggravations

Trinkets with expectations of service and inevitability shimmer in the veiled recesses of my mind

I tell some to take the day off, to go and visit some friends

While I rearrange the furniture

I plan to throw them away and recycling comes to mind

Recycling aggravations into positives

finish incomplete tasks

Remove the attachments and uncouple the embarrassed, resentment of the spurned,

place in a toxic waste bin and maybe they’ll be re-purposed

Cycle existence into something new

Say goodbye and set them free

Don’t Tazze me Bro!

Old man smoking a cigarette

Right before where I should be

I crawled to the big and shiny

Upload me down

Engulfed in the pleasure of purchase

Instantaneous buy in

Wrapped in my super protective ego

Born brand loyal

Filtering the stop-motion of a side-way review

It starts with that crazy mind fuck shit

No chance for reconciliation

How did I get here?

Don’t tazze bro


Upper Sandusky looked just like Lower Sandusky

We drove through anyway

The trees fell and the rain danced across the windshield

I turned the wipers on low

She marvels at the birds

The geese are flying the wrong way

A hawk on her shoulder telling her secrets

The gas station takes plastic


Digital nonrepresentational abstract art

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Rage for Life


I see you; caring for and helping. I feel you when you think no one does.

This is a cheer for you.

As you know

Radicalism and intolerance are antithesis to life

Killing is the most absurd form of defense and protest

Wiping out a life is wiping out our future

There is a loss of ideas and discoveries. There is a loss of love, family and companion. A loss that cannot be quantified, it can only be known personally. All of us know we’ve lost something.

There is work to do.

Living to help others is the only possible reason to live.

Nuance is dead.

It died the first day mtv aired. Though we love our hyper-reality we lose our intimacy.

Our deep dive into technological oblivion brought us here. And I love it.

Just say it clean. Just say it clean.

We live in the best of times. Who could have imagined there would be all of this? Fortunately human nature is somewhere south of perfection. We require struggle. We need adversity.

Go ahead on and try. Go ahead on and fail. Please make mistakes so we can all learn.

It’s time for in your face camaraderie.

Strength is found in good will.

If you need to win you can win through love. Winning is not the goal.

The concept of winning should be left to race car drivers and the like.

Humans succeed through love. We discover through hardship.

Go ahead on and share.

We are together.

The struggle may be hard, lonely and at times unbearable but the payoff is divine.

Keep up the good work.

I believe in you.

Negative Twist

Walk over

Step in

Edged side aways

Everybody got a banner

Rolling thunder of text

High Def glamour That runway smells good

Red words in my own voice

High Def profanity Have a taste

Attack pause Attacked

Scroll out

Happy puppy appears -Whew thank you

Back to the mix

Headlines scream of expected atrosities

Paid for. It sells

Everybody so righteous

Me too

Welcome aboard

The righteous we are

Happy to be pissed or

Happy to do the pissing

Happy for your misery and

Happy to be miserable

Happy is our cloud based committee of merry despair



Click On Brother