Happy Birthday Noam

One of America’s Greatest is turning 90 today.

Happy Birthday Noam

Happy 90-ith Noam. Love you.

President Poor Me and the Nobodies

We are seeing the New Republicans in all their glory as they try to destroy democracy instead of demonstrating Integrity.

Captain Chaos and the Idiots. We are watching the rape of our environment and the abuse and molestation of immigrant children and families.

DonJon and the Oligarchs. We’ve seen the effect of the Putinazation of social media and the worldwide destruction it has caused.

Somnambulist and the Dreamweaver. Putin certainly has control of Trump. Putin isn’t concerned with war or expansion. He wants the world to pull itself apart. He hopes to divide the world into small fragments of warring nations.

Low level Jerks and their suppliers. That is the Republican party of today. Stealing votes, abusing women and children, attacking all others, making sure the opioid crisis kills just about everyone and taking as much money as possible. Deport them to the Moon or at least try and convict them.

America! You Sexy Minx.

Wow! Good Morning Everyone.

I am so proud of America. Many people went to the polls in despite of the weather, the shenanigans and the vitriol. That’s the way it needs to be done.

Yes America Enjoy the Day. Our voting democracy works.

Everyone who voted give yourselves a pat on the back. Those who didn’t not vote either for protest or other reasons please reconsider. There is always work to do to keep democracy alive and we need to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day


My Dear Blogging Buddies

Good Day to you all. As always thank you for your kind likes and conversations. I appreciate you all.

Since it’s the day before the midterm elections here in the US I am just pushing the benefits of voting.

I hope everyone finds the time or has made arrangements to vote.

Regardless where you stand on the issues voting is a very important part of “We the People”. As citizens we are responsible to vote and to make every effort to ensure proper voting facilities for everyone.

Here you can be pro this or anti that (you know where I stand) and I support your right to disagree with me and discuss. We must respect each other’s opinion. Voting is fundamental. It is our duty and burden. We must participate and be heard.

We are approaching a population of almost 300 million people. Our democracy depends on the active participation of each citizen.

Please vote.

Have a wonderful day.