Unfortunate State

This is a true commentary of America.

Using military weapons and gear on unarmed protesters.

Sad state of our country.

Citizen police ready to slaughter Citizens.

Who are they protecting and serving?

Don’t they remember that America was born of protest?

The change is coming.

We will reach our ideal of a more perfect union.

Photo source: Ripped from Reddit.


Best Thing He Ever Said

Even though he’s a murderer and had a hand in starting WWIII, this is one of the best things he’s ever said. I wonder who wrote these wonderful words.

I believe

I believe in you.

I believe in the love we have for one another.

I believe you are doing your best to make this a better world.

I believe you care for and love your family and friends.

I believe that the Governments of the world know the planet will not last longer than a generation. So their greed kicked in and they have to consume more.

I believe that our first responders and public service employees are trained to hate and not to help. They will only help if you pass the “I like you.” test.

I believe that local, state and federal governments will do anything to take your possessions and money.

I believe that the animals on this planet are dying out faster than we are being told.

I believe that dolphin and whale  beach suicides are based on pollution and plastics in the waters.

I believe that drugs are brought into countries by government supported agencies. And that drug programs to arrest citizens are part of a process to intimidate and imprison the population.

I believe that American Presidents are flipped, either by force or money, when they get into office and it doesn’t matter what they say they are going to do.

I believe Clinton, Bush2 and Trump are absolutely the same. Clinton and Bush2 gave lip service and Trump doesn’t even bother.

I believe that Obama was paid off and kept prisoner in the White House.

I believe that our legislature has not been ours for a long time. At least since the end of world war II. Before that you could buy one or two now you can purchase the whole lot.

I believe that world politicians allowed the multi-nationals take control of the world and its resources.

I believe that the world doesn’t give a shit about Africa.

I believe that extremes on either side of the political center are the same people.

I believe men walked on the moon.

I believe the Holocaust happened.

I believe no one wants to be a criminal. Circumstances take us there.

I believe we are manipulated every minute of every day. We cannot know if we have free choice or free will.

One, Two, Three

I’m sure you know no change of government or social change is made without the active support of those who control the money.

All media is paid and the companies must keep their patrons happy or they will lose the funding.

No one is better than you. It’s all a defensive smokescreen.

One Two Three

Freedom is at your finger tips

Thank you all for your diligence in visiting my blog and liking my posts. I feel that I am slacking in getting to your sites and reading and liking. I’ll continue to make an effort to get there. I am really limiting my computer use unless I’m at work. I find it very liberating.

It’s nice.

I have more time.

I am less stressed.

I scan the news everyday and still try to find both sides of the story.

Everything on the web that you see is a result of computations (Algorithm) for marketers and government agencies whether malicious or not. They are directly marketing to you all the time. You already know that. But it’s not at the top of your mind, where it belongs.¬† They also use this information to inform others about you. Yes Facebook does it. Google, Edge, IE, Safari and many more hold all your data and continue to build this identity of you.

Not just ISPs

Not just social networking sites

depending on your level on the digital divide will determine your online identity.

In some cases your refrigerator, TV, stereo, car, and the obvious phone are all gathering and manipulation data that is attached to you FOREVER. With this data many things about you can be anticipated. Yup Where you will eat, what type of toilet paper you use, and all the rest.

and all this data can be hacked and sold. To anyone.

What you type is recorded even if you delete it. Everything is being stored. Ultimately you might think there is some privacy but alas there is not.

It’s the noise.

The noise of Trump, of Clinton of anything that will get your pressure up. AS you’ve seen this last year and the years of Obama, Bush and Clinton they don’t care. They care enough to get your vote and that is it. They use hyper-focus groups, they anticipate your preference of mustard. by now they know your preference. Sometimes they appear to pass some sort of signature to free this or fight that. Until it is run through congress and voted on it can be wiped out with another signature.

You don’t have to end it all. You don’t have to bury your phone or argue with your refrigerator. Just find a quiet space for some quiet time. Start off with a few minutes here or there and take a minute.

You’ll find your brain can quickly remove all the clutter.

You’ll find you don’t have to respond to every beep on the phone.

Don’t go total Luddite. Technology is fun, useful and great for emergencies.

Take those moments of quiet time. You have to take them since you’ll never want to be without your worldwide instantaneous communicators. Set them down and walk to another room.

Privacy is quietness. It’s time alone.

It’s really really nice.

Freedom of the Mind. Freedom of the Spirit.