Below is your elixir for the weekend


First a couple to break your week day mind set.

Start out slow



Let’s pick it up a little


Get a little crazy




Level off and glide


Pick it up


Just a little metal



Time to go. Peace Everyone



Leave our first responders, healthcare workers and essential employees alone

Bravo Protesters.

If I get Covid from you I’ll sue!

Ya’ll should gather in a field and cough on each other.

Once you get sick don’t go to the hospital.

Die at home.

Below is a list of videos of protests around the world. Is there somewhere we can send these idiots? A place where they won’t jeopardize the rest of the population?

Maybe send them to the Mar a lego (just a suggestion)

Aren’t these the same “Repubs” who were trying to outlaw protesting a few years ago?

Funny that.







Independent article on Michigan protesters

Stay Safe and Well