For a Moment

Walking Backward up the stairs

when did the music stop?

where did saturday go?

unhearing ears

unseeing eyes

The fool in the castle poses and reads his script

Ghouls dance to his song





God’s Chosen One

When some say God said this, God said that, God chose him or her, God doesn’t like this or that. Whose God are they talking about?

God is beyond political. God is beyond societal.

God doesn’t root for a particular person or position.

We should all be aware that God doesn’t mess with Free Will.

Using God for excuses and to rally the masses,

Using God to believe in preferences,

Using God to make money, make politics and attack in the name

is just blasphemy.

You cannot speak for God.

Thank you Adam “Shifty” Shiff and Every Witness. Your Strength is Honorable

This is Democracy in Action.

As you all are well aware,

we have a President who hates some of our states, cities and communities. We have a President who is a thug. He has gone out of his way to destroy our long established relationships with our allies. He’s gone above and beyond to coddle and actively support Kim Jing Un and Vladimir Putin, among other despots. He undermines our military, our intelligence agencies and our beloved societal institutions.

He attacks diplomats and our public servants. They are long standing servants. quiety furthering our American ideals. He has no right to attack them.

For all of our problems our type of democracy is the hope for many.

For President Trump it’s all about President Trump. For his syncophants it’s all about him. For many evangelicals who call for civil war it’s all about him. They are absurdly excited at the thought of killing their fellow citizens and destroying our country. Don’t get me started.

It’s not about you, Mr President, it’s about our country, 300 million people strong and our striving to be a more perfect union.

President Trump it is time for you to do what is right and resign. We’ll clean up your mess. We’ll survive and we will become a better nation. For his supporters take a moment and reflect. Is this the kind of country you want? While you now attack those you disagree with but what happens when others come for you? Don’t you want the protection of the law? Or do you want to destroy the law for your temporary euphoria?

Whether or not Trump succeeds, whether or not he is reelected, we will continue to strive, we will continue to become a more perfect union.

And whenever necessary we will continue to blow that whistle no matter who is in power.

Yes I will watch the impeachment

Repub Congress gets what they want a public hearing and none of them will watch. They try to change the game and rules so they might win. Good thing most of us are wise enough to be aware of their disingenuous behavior.

Nikki Haley has lost all integrity. I liked her way back when before she decided to give up her dignity and bow to her hopes of being Trump’s VP. You lose Nikki. Enjoy your future obscurity.

I’m not sure if I like the idea of Hillary running again. That’ll just fire up all the freaks from the last race. Do we want or need that? I don’t think so.

I’m too much of a centrist. I like Warren and Sanders. But is America ready for our old Democratic principles? FDR or 1950’s Republicans? Both sides are not what they used to be.

Peace to All



Time for Some Good Ol’ Bench Warrants

Refusing to testify before Congress is an illegal act. Those who choose to do this should be arrested and compelled to testify. If they don’t testify they should serve jail time.

We must stop this lawless President and his supporters.

If they want Civil War, they need to remember that fascists always lose! They may start off strong but sooner or later they’re running for the hills. This time we won’t let them disappear or blend in.

We’ve been patient and nice long enough. It’s time to put an end to this stupidity.

Remember those 20,000 strong during their Fascist event at Madison Square Garden in 1939? What happened to them 2 years later when Hitler declared war on the US?

They disappeared. Let’s not let that happen again. All of the fascists in this country need to be arrested, jailed and perhaps sent to Guantanamo. We cannot let them disappear again and spread their hate from their Mom’s basement.

It’s time to end fascism once and for all.

Hey Ho Trump Has Got To Go

Captain Chaos and his Psychotic Morons must be removed from power and imprisoned.

Those calling for a Civil War are truly idiots. They are a loud mouth minority. They say all of this in their opioid haze.

All those in the media calling for an uprising they need to be fired immediately. Perhaps broadcast license revoked.

If you are in a position of power or a position of influence you should be required to honor The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

We need a new Fairness Doctrine for the Media.

Hey Ho Stop the Hate and Impeach this MF-er!

Please Ban Me In China

I support the Hong Kong Protesters.

I support Taiwan and Tibet Independence and much more.

I support independence for Kashmir

I support the protesters in Iraq and around the world.

I support the Kurds.

I’m saddened that Free people must hide their freedom to some countries and silence themselves in some countries.

We should not have to live down to security states or tyrannical powers.

Freedom for all

Privacy for all

Power to the people



Dirty Sheets and Clean Dreams

They claim to protect the Constitution of the United States. What they really protect is their quasi-fascist ideology, that is, if you don’t agree with them you are the enemy. Civil debate once was encouraged. Now it’s war. Show the children how easy it is to kill. Hey kids watch Uncle shoot up the mall. Doesn’t he look good in his working class, designer camo? Don’t you wanna be like him?

They are armed and they intend to do harm. They find euphoria in intimidation. They find love in their shared hate.

The “working class” is now the trigger for the guns of the rich. Their target is the Constitution and Democracy itself. And they plan to destroy them and all who stand in the way.

Chaos is the only way to salvation.

As Rasputin believed you can only receive redemption after you’ve sinned. So sin and sin big to receive big redemption.

Fascism is around the world. It’s enticing the disenfranchised. It’s given light by government officials and business leaders. It’s America. It’s the dissatisfied baby boomer. It’s the lonely. It’s those who blame.

The warmth of hate. The ease of closing one’s heart.

We live in a hyper-reality where violence is the only option. No talk. No diplomacy. Spill blood.

We have a new Christ. He is strong. He fights. He hates. He’ll kill your sick, your weak, your huddled masses. The New Christ has no time for them, no place for them.

The New Christ doesn’t care. He is righteous and you are wrong.

Make way for The New, Shinny Christ. He’s dressed. He’s blond. He looks like you. He’s got the ammo to take out the non believers.

He feels your pain, he knows you can and he’ll make everything great again from the glittering city on the hill with a thousand points of light.

The New, Shinny, Christ hates the environment. It’s not clean. It’s not controlled. Its destruction now complete -everyone can move back to the factory. The masses will have screens telling them how wonderful they are. Showing pictures of the haves. Showing scenes of the natural beauty of an earth that no longer exists. Porn for every occasion.

If one gets frustrated the gun will be at hand.

Die in a blaze of glory.

Stalin said one death a tragety a million a statistic.

Who are we to argue. The tide has turned and we are choking in a sea of micro plastics.

Ah fuck it, turn on the screen and get high.