Ending Soon

My Dear Fellow Blogizens,

Your camaraderie has inspired me for many years.

Your insight, ideas, comments and blogs have been wonderful.

I am going to let Henrywest submerge into worldwide web.

My interest in blogging has stopped.

This blog will soon reside in an area with no address.

Adrift in the ether

Thank you my intrepid friends.

May the wind be at your backs and the traffic lights always green.

Take Care and Be Safe

Henry (Mike)

6 thoughts on “Ending Soon

    1. Thanks Ktz2. Your blog-friendshilp has kept me blogging for a couple of extra years. I love your music and insight. If I get back to it I’ll reach out. I hope you and yours will continue to do well.

  1. Wondering if your music/visual creations are still on youtube ? I’d like to have another look, can you give a link? because under the channel name Henry West I don’t see them. Thank you.

    1. Hey Ktz2, I removed them awhile ago since I kept receiving copyright strikes from Trolls. The music was homemade and every time I posted a song I’d get the strike. I’ll look at posting them somewhere else and if I do I’ll share the link. Peace

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