Response to an email from a family member

Below is my tirade.
As for Minneapolis every time there’s a flairs up-we are so surprised! What a bunch of BS. This has been going on for ages in this country.
How could we not see this coming? We’ve watched for years; the over incarceration of blacks and minorities, the random murders by police, the righteous hubris of our political leaders on both sides, the republicans’ idealized victimization, the extreme use of religion to persecute and the attacks on immigrants with no concern for their children.
Yeah we better see it coming. What’s caused this? We as a people ignore everything until it effects us directly. We find it so easy to blame everyone else for our problems. Our country has been the planet bully for at least a hundred years. We believed that america was kind and caring. Granted there are many americans who are kind and caring but our government has been actively involved in murder, death and destruction. Our government has never stopped oppressing others within our borders. Blacks and others have not been invited to live the “american dream”.
What can we do to stop it? Care. Giving. Reaching out to those in need. Expressing our concern. Letting those in pain know they have our support and respect. We must join the demonstrations while knowing that we are putting ourselves at risk. We cannot change our skin color and we are automatically guilty of all white atrocities. We also put that on all blacks they are automatically guilty of the actions of other blacks. Same with Latinos, American Indians, Chinese, and etc.
Our government and police are not part of society. They are fortress-ed in their fear of the other (other skin color, other nationalities, other beliefs). They actively refuse to accept anything but white and their version of Christianity.
The riots do not surprise me. How long will people continue being ignored? Not long.
How would white america feel if a white man was strangled to death by 5 black police officers? You can bet they’d storm the capitol with their guns and righteous indignation. They’d loot and burn the town down. All it takes is one spark.
A handful of white protestors show up at the state capitols and the whole country goes into convulsions. A group of blacks protest and they get the boot on the neck and are blamed for their frustration. All the while the whole country tries to placate the few upset whites.  Yeah what the fuck, over.
The stories go on and on. The abuse goes on and on. There are so many levels that the problems cannot be solved over night, but we refuse to even start. We won’t even consider solutions. We just blame.
We are so susceptible to comfort. “Tell us what we want to hear!”, “Tell us we are not the problem.”
I’m as guilty as those I complain about. I live for comfort.
On the upside we can recover.
It’ll take work, compassion and empathy, sadly we are not ready to commit, yet. If we do we won’t see immediate progress. It’ll take a generation or two. But if we don’t start our grandchildren will be living in this same nightmare. It’s the commitment that really matters. We care for one day then it’s all forgotten. For those who suffer the wrongful death of their loved one it doesn’t end. While we go on our merry way. What an insult to those who suffer.
We must build trust. Trust can only be earned. Earned by actions and not words.
When will we stop the indoctrination of our children into hate and fear? Our country is so good at it. We’ve learned well how to manipulate the masses. Maybe we do have to break the system to repair it?
I use the small “a” in america, we don’t deserve the capitol “A”.
My hopes are based in the constitution, “to strive for a more perfect union”. We must strive.

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