Thanks, You!

A little post to express my thanks to the world.


Thank you for being considerate to your fellow citizens and keeping a distance,

thank you for being kind to your neighbors and strangers.

Not only should we give others physical room we also need to give emotional room.

Lots of stress and disinformation.

The trolls find this time their greatest hope to keep the world divided. Most trolls are trapped in their dark locations and logically they have more time to attack. They will continue to be alone and live in fear. They are missing the wonders of life. Trolls please join us to make the world a better place. The payoff is much greater.

Humans we suffer.

Humans we succeed.

I’m well aware of the digital divide and economic levels. Our household is lower middle class, if there is such a thing, we have a week’s worth of money in the bank. In some countries we’re considered well off. We have a house with a mortgage and both of us work. My wife is “essential” at this time and it’s scary as hell. I have lots of vacation time, most people don’t. I am using it since I am not considered essential and haven’t worked for 3 weeks. My heart goes out to those who do not have this luxury.

I am grateful for so much and to so many people. The list is long. Please forgive me if your profession is not on the list.

Healthcare workers,

Delivery workers,

Food industry workers,

Those who keep the internet servers up and running,

Sanitation workers,

Maintenence workers,

Safety professionals,

Public service workers,




Those who are never heard from taking risks, keeping things running, helping others,

So many others.

Also Thank you Planet Earth for taking this opportunity to recover.

I know I’m abusive to you but I love you.

Does that help?

Once again the web has changed everything. Having the wealth of information, seeing others survive, seeing the horror, knowing we are not alone is truly a blessing of science and of those who worked and work so hard to make it possible.

We continue to grow as a species.

We strive.

We will be better.

Be safe. Be well.

All Photos ripped from the Reddit. Thank you posters.

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