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A nice little time eater

Danger ahead:

The article on breathing is for information as with the gifs in a nice little time eater link it’s all for entertainment and information. It’s always best not to follow any advice you find on or linked to blogs.

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 Article on Breathing

A wonderful little science site



Click and paint


3 thoughts on “Welcome Friday

  1. Personally I would be cautious of the breathing exercises, particularly D.I.Y. or book learned. Its not really the best method of learning here.

    Part of the issue here is that you have highly developed methods of instruction here (e.g. vocal projection in singing and acting).

    Written instruction is thin on the ground (really only so far you can go with words here its a doing thing that requires a different form of instruction suited to the individual), expertise is also variable. Lot of nonsense out there on this and given the growing belief it helps with Covid be a lot more.

    Learning to breath like this particularly using the diaphragm and lungs, can run into problems if you do not know what you are doing.

    End up with more stress than you started with as some potential side effects are not pleasant.

  2. I think where the article goes wrong is not focusing enough attention on physical and muscular stress before attempting any breathing exercise.

    Totally relaxing the body, you often think you are doing that but unless you are use to some form of movement exercise you will be fooling yourself.

    Anyone not use to this would be better served by learning here, and just breath naturally. Particularly as stress in the body will almost certainly be higher than normal and is difficult to detect.

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