While you’re waiting…


Smithsonian Institution online

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Eastman Kodak


Online Radio

Live Animal Cam Romania

Live Critter Cam



Mallory Square Key West Live Cam

How about a nice 9 almost 10 hour journey to the Norwegian Artic Circle


Live ISS


Ten hours of the best of Hubble Space Telescope

3.5 hrs. 4K Cabview Bar –  Bijeio Polje – 102 Tunnels – 96 Bridges



Helpful Circulation
















Be safe everyone and take a moment to enjoy.




6 thoughts on “While you’re waiting…

  1. Thank you all for stopping in. With copyright concerns I’m never sure if the links will work in your area. I hope they do.
    By the way there are 14 ads on this page. Please do not click any of them..

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