Thank you Adam “Shifty” Shiff and Every Witness. Your Strength is Honorable

This is Democracy in Action.

As you all are well aware,

we have a President who hates some of our states, cities and communities. We have a President who is a thug. He has gone out of his way to destroy our long established relationships with our allies. He’s gone above and beyond to coddle and actively support Kim Jing Un and Vladimir Putin, among other despots. He undermines our military, our intelligence agencies and our beloved societal institutions.

He attacks diplomats and our public servants. They are long standing servants. quiety furthering our American ideals. He has no right to attack them.

For all of our problems our type of democracy is the hope for many.

For President Trump it’s all about President Trump. For his syncophants it’s all about him. For many evangelicals who call for civil war it’s all about him. They are absurdly excited at the thought of killing their fellow citizens and destroying our country. Don’t get me started.

It’s not about you, Mr President, it’s about our country, 300 million people strong and our striving to be a more perfect union.

President Trump it is time for you to do what is right and resign. We’ll clean up your mess. We’ll survive and we will become a better nation. For his supporters take a moment and reflect. Is this the kind of country you want? While you now attack those you disagree with but what happens when others come for you? Don’t you want the protection of the law? Or do you want to destroy the law for your temporary euphoria?

Whether or not Trump succeeds, whether or not he is reelected, we will continue to strive, we will continue to become a more perfect union.

And whenever necessary we will continue to blow that whistle no matter who is in power.

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