I Won’t Believe the Lies -Rolling Thunder of Lies

Our great winner now has the Taliban calling for world wide attacks, After is insanely stupid invite to camp david. What a jack ass.

Offering Iran 15 billion to honor the nuclear treaty —Costing us much more than just leaving the plan alone.

Kim Un is firing ballistic missiles

Mexico ain’t payin for the wall….and they tain’t lovin it.

Good Job at Winning you effin idiot

Tweeting secret satellite imagery to the world. Others would be serving time in Leavenworth for that.

Exposing our agent to Putin. Dick Cheney move to say the least. Remember Valerie Plume?

Lying about his response to 9/11.


Remember he also said he saw Arabs in New Jersey celebrating the attack on television. Another lie.

Lying about just about everything.

Why all the lies?

Really who cares if he got it wrong and Alabama was not in Dorian’s path. What effin difference does it make?

I hope the un-slimed Republicans can put up a good primary fight. I think that party will be destroyed if they don’t. There are good Republicans out there unfortunately they are in no place to be heard.


Go Warren and Sanders.

By the way both B. Clinton and G.W. Bush gave up trying to get bin Laden. Obama did not give up and he got him.

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