Time to Stop

Active Attackers are cowards living in fear and they are usually bullies.

Our Government is filled with cowards living in fear and when confronted they are bullies.

Sound familiar?

I’m calling on Michigan’s Senators to stand up and be counted. Or Resign!

Tom Peters


Debbie Stabenaw


However they are cowards. They have hidden behind the Democratic Party and are an embarrassment to the citizen of Michigan. Not a word from them on Gun violence and many other issues. They are just puppets who vote whichever way the Post-Clinton wind is blowing. That wind is gone. It’s time to get away from these old rank and file, perfunctory, do-nothings. They are part of the rolling political machine seen in both parties. This machine must be destroyed and taken apart piece by piece.

We voted for them to make the change. They have not.

We need new Democratic representation in Michigan.

These two must be voted out.

The recent Horror



El Paso


This has to end. With or without political support. It’s time for the people to make the change.

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