Evil 1- Love 0

Bent-nose Don and Moscow Mitch Live in Washington

They have destroyed the very little bit of dignity our country had retained.

Trump/McConnell band of thugs are running the country like Vegas during its early, glory years.

They are taking kids, demonstrating the worst institutional human trafficking ever seen. Worse than the Nazis, our government admits it and flaunts it. Congress does nothing about it.

Expecting children to defend themselves in court? It’s fucking evil and our whole government is complicit. Making you and I complicit. Though it’s been a couple hundred years since this was a country for and by the people. (I think only during the writing of the Constitution Jefferson and Franklin had a dream)

Don, Mitch and their Modern Mafia:

Murdering with impunity,

Inciting neighbor against neighbor,

Destroying hard fought allegiances,

Praising tyrants and ignoring their crimes,

Selling our secrets to royal murderers,

Killing journalists,

Calling for the destruction of truth,

Corrupting the innocent,

Inspiring perversion,

Freeing the horrid, menacing side of America,

Taking what’s left of the planet from our children,

and so much more.

Pretty soon we will look like Syria, Venezuela today, Libya under Obama, Iraq, Afghanistan under Bush or Kosovo, Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia under Clinton, etc., etc.

All of our Presidents have committed atrocities in the name of the American People.

I am fed up with politicians who lie and support these atrocities. Before WWII the government did not have quite worldwide reach it was, however, very atrocious to its people, the first nation people, people forced here and Central, South America, and the Philippines.

Let’s break these chains of our hidden past.

Let’s face the truth.

We need radical change and Trump has proven that we can handle radical change.

With Trump we’ve seen one person can lead the change, whether good or bad.

We need strong and fearless Democrats elected.

We need strong and fearless Independents elected.

We need strong and fearless “real” Republicans elected.

We’ve seen the hate.



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