Triggering, Triggers of the Triggered

I find it somewhat amusing when some “Conservatives” say this or that about “Liberals” then a month later the “Conservative” gets busted for the exact complaint. Yes it happens, you know it does.

I find it somewhat amusing when at the podium “He who shall be impeached, indited and eventually imprisoned.” He’ll be the first president to actually serve time for his crimes against humanity. Unlike many other presidents he may not get away unscathed. Calling everyone on the other side names, threatening dissenters, and spewing his gaseous, toxic hate then states “Americans have to work together to reunite a divide country.”

Yes quite humorous.

But when I see the glowing, hope of his followers. When I see the drug like joy in hating those they do not care to understand. When I see the pornography of their violence. The delightful voyeurism of causing pain.

They are just so happy about it all.

What has happened to them?

For the love of God stop being offended by everything

We live in the best of times.

Think about it, indoor plumbing, electricity, airplanes, *gasp* The Internet, instantaneous gratification on many levels, mostly quality food, and in most cases we even care for each other more than humanity has ever cared.

And so much more.

And yet they are miserable.

And yet they hate me.

And yet they hate you.

They “hate” but truth is they hate what they’ve become and can’t find a way out.

Trigger This.

Bring joy to those around you

Photos sourced via Google images


Have a wonderful weekend





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