Desperate Tyrants

We have a racist and fascist president and supporters. When supporters call for a Civil War it is treason. “They” may have 3 trillion bullets but we the people will drown them out. He may have “friends” in the military, police and biker gangs to threaten those who disagree but we the people will overcome. I am sure there are more members of those groups who wish to see him gone. We are more, many more. “They” will have to retreat to their dark places and wait for the next opportunity. During that time “they” must be exposed to the light of day. Truth no matter how much you bury it will dig its way to the surface.

Let us ensure that this never happens again.

Use your art, use your minds, use your pen.

Let’s take these bastard to the fucking cleaners!

We will survive and we must take responsibility for our past transgressions.

We must rekindle our mandate to be a more perfect union. World wide.

As Queen Latifah said, ” We’re Americans, let’s act like it.”

Never forget that there are more good people, more good things happening than we are lead to believe.

Be strong and care for your family, neighbors, friends and strangers.

As always I Love You.

Photo source: Ripped from Reddit.



Happy Holi to our friends

Photo source: Ripped from Reddit


7 thoughts on “Desperate Tyrants

  1. It’s amazing to me how much you-know-who seems to be publicly and openly mocked, ridiculed ..& hated by the folks on tv and press, as well as everyday people. Yet he just crashes through and blunders on, every day, seemingly oblivious to what his country thinks of him. It’s disgusting.

    Nixon was reviled as well, in the way that the public turned against him, but it was mostly after his sleezy secret tapes became known at the end, showing that he was a petty, bitter man who had no qualms about lying. But Mr T doesn’t even try to hide his shit!

    1. So true. I can’t get over his support in Congress and the good people in the population who continue to support him. Why is fascism so popular? Why is hate and why is lying? I don’t understand at all.

  2. It’s my feeling that some of the gov’t folks in DC ‘support’ him because they’re afraid of the consequences of not doing so…to not be put on an Enemies List, to save their gov’t jobs… the emperor’s new clothes thing

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