Don’t Read This

Strangers thinking about you

instantaneous accessibility

Control Through the Spine

/they’re playing serious psy-ops up there\

The random acts of   horror

the targets have no idea

and the closers are closing in

I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it all

The Darkness reaching out.

Reaching for you

T’ain’t specific but it wants you

Unlocking doors on levels beyond comprehension

adjusting curtains

ratcheting the focus [when needed]

instantaneous implant

We join the line

Insane data coming in from Budapest and Moscow, this time, and I want to believe.

It’s all meta

control through the spine

psy-ops action 6

a nonspecific intrusion

pay later

dial back to some homegrown nightmare

all the while children are being kidnapped at the border

I need another place to hide

:activate personal streaming TV :adjust the dialog and pass out

psy-ops action 6.1

internal microbroadcast



just right

Our President actively undermines the constitution and the will of the people. He’s serves Russia and North Korea. Why and why do those who support him not see this?

We are so overly Psy-Opped (Psychological Operations) by Media, Russia, China and our own military. How can anyone be surprised by the confusion and fighting within our country?










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