My Dear Blogging Buddies

Good Day to you all. As always thank you for your kind likes and conversations. I appreciate you all.

Since it’s the day before the midterm elections here in the US I am just pushing the benefits of voting.

I hope everyone finds the time or has made arrangements to vote.

Regardless where you stand on the issues voting is a very important part of “We the People”. As citizens we are responsible to vote and to make every effort to ensure proper voting facilities for everyone.

Here you can be pro this or anti that (you know where I stand) and I support your right to disagree with me and discuss. We must respect each other’s opinion. Voting is fundamental. It is our duty and burden. We must participate and be heard.

We are approaching a population of almost 300 million people. Our democracy depends on the active participation of each citizen.

Please vote.

Have a wonderful day.


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