Precarious Precipice

Taking the long view of these United State shows unity has not been our strong suit. We’ve had our disagreements when one party or another has taken to the slinging of mud. Our hate for each other is just the way things are. Our hate for immigrants is the norm and not the exception.

Our hate for anything different has always been the norm and not the exception. Usually the other side will take the back seat when the one side wins. That’s been our precarious precipice for over two hundred years.

Today is no different than yesterday.

Change is only brought about by voting and protests.

Change has been fought. Many have died.

Society and technology may change but humans do not. We are tribal and we are selfish. Though once in awhile we’ll do what’s right.

I believe with the outside influences such as multinational corporations and is some way Russia, along with other countries, will keep us more off balance than usual. I don’t blame Russia since I believe they are much like us with their internal struggles and a leader who may still wish to win the Cold War.

The best way to affect change in our country is the old tried and true VOTE. It’s the numbers. Overwhelming number of voters will override those who wish to manipulate the outcome.

We must continue to make our country a more perfect union.

We can do it despite the set backs.

Let’s make our predecessors proud.


Our idealized past was made to show the world how wonderful we were as opposed to the Soviet Union. It was all advertising and we’ve come to believe it. Let’s look at our history and know the truth.

Photo Source: Bing word search “United States of American” Images

7 thoughts on “Precarious Precipice

  1. “We are tribal and we are selfish”

    We alter and not always for the better. ‘Tribal’ gets a bad rap not perfect but its a society on a much smaller scale i.e it can have a ‘king’ but he is just an elected official of the tribe, if he is bad at the job he gets kicked out.

    Highly predatory hierarchical groups are the new kids on the block, replacing ‘tribal culture’. Different thing entirely, whole new scale of violence and economy, the few v.s the many.

    Not so much our nature more the nature of our society of which we are all a product of. To change that is to change how we think and how we act.

    1. Thanks Jeb. I agree. My use of tribal was more for the mentality of a group protecting themselves from the other. “Highly predatory hierarchical groups” I don’t believe are new kids on the block, the few vs the many is pretty standard for hate groups. I believe we are prone to regress whenever we feel disenfranchised. We must change how we think and act instead of regressing back to the safety of fear and hatred. Thanks for responding.

      1. Its a difficult subject.

        I have no idea what is going on in America, you watch it on the news and cannot take it in.

        Had to stop watching you’re cable news about three four weeks ago. Distinct insane turn that is disturbing to watch from the outside.

        Hope all goes well and you get the change you need


      2. Thanks Jeb. I appreciate your point of view. I’m pretty optimistic. We are a country of extremes. Now is just another phase where we have to live with the intrusion of exposure. We like our privacy and having everything exposed, at all times makes many people nervous. So we’ll shake, rattle and roll until we finally get a bit of a grip. Hopefully our checks and balances will stabilize the patient. Social media has empowered and scared the hell out of a lot of people and we have to learn to live with it. When the thinking individuals get their minds back we’ll be on the road to recovery.

      3. You’re news is very odd. I can only take it in small doses.

        Sounds like a cross between aural sandblasting and major bowel surgery to my ears. A form of extreme noise terror.

      4. Our media is always very predictable, “Panic in the streets.” After all it’s the only way they found to sell soap. Even the weather reporters act like it’s a national calamity if we get an inch of snow. They all get so excited.

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