From the Many – One



It is up to us.

Are we a government for, of and by the people?

Having a Congress, President and a Supreme Court who consistency act against the will of the people doesn’t sound like America to me.

Our president wishes to give the country to the lunatic fringe and give the keys of nuclear stability to president Putin. Doesn’t sound like America to me.

Our Congress only responds to the will of the dollar. Doesn’t sound like America to me.

Our Courts only respond to the will of Congress and trickle down dollars from them. Doesn’t sound like America to me.

Were we asleep?

Gerrymandering and unsecure voting machines have taken their toll.

Widespread manipulation via social media and network disinformation have shut out many. Have cause to fear.

Happily we attack and destroy one another.

Happily we watch our children deal with constant manipulation and wonder why they kill, why they hate, why they abuse.

We can’t handle the manipulation and the children can’t either.

We must look beyond party, race, religion and gender.

Step by step we are being taken apart by those who pledge allegiance,

by those who allow dark money to feed our politics and by those who kneel before foreign powers.

We have let others take our constitutional foundation and turn it into a mockery.

It is up to us.

We can stop this and we can make the change.

Your political party affiliation should have nothing to do with saving our country.

You know better.

We must push back against the bullies who lurk in our society.

We are better than this, than them.

We will not take the bait to be drawn into their nightmare. We are, our country is, better than that.

Let us get back to being part of this great world.

Let us commit to our statement to “achieve a more perfect union”

Let us remember that we are a nation of immigrants and our elders escaped tyranny for that hope.

We mustn’t devolve into evil.

We must take every option to restore our country that has been so long neglected.

It is up to us.

There are ways we can succeed and it requires effort.

Our country is always under construction. We’ve had our failures and our false starts and we’ve always moved forward.

It’s time to take that truly inclusive step.

3 thoughts on “From the Many – One

  1. I think of the stories of the old-time immigrants coming to America and seeing the Statue of Liberty, a beacon of hope and promise, and being overcome with emotion…my own great-grandfather, for one.
    Back then, whatever the shortcomings of America towards its ‘common’ citizens, things here were generally better than in the places they left… dictatorships, fascism, starvation

    1. True and often immigrants, once here, were only allowed to live where others from their own country or religion lived. They did have the occasional opportunity to better their life and status. My grandmother came over as an indentured servant Eventually she was able to open a small appliance store, selling GE products. In our little town that was quite an achievement and she broke through the patriarchal society and succeeded. She never could have considered that in the south European country where she came from. In America; you can try and fail or try and succeed. She was not locked into the historical status of her family.

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