Waffle Don LOCK HIM UP


It’s time for Trump to be arrested and tried for treason among other illegal acts.

How shameful. President Trump is an enemy agent for a foreign regime.

Trump supporters must be considered enemy agents and be detained.

Effin fool our President is willing to have murderers interview American citizens. What the fuck Trump? Go back to Russia and stay there.





We have three branches of government and two of them are asleep. Judicial and Legislative. If they refuse to act it is up to us.


More corruption:

Corrupt Voting Machines -Company



Corrupt IRS



Corrupt Government



Time to deport


Those who continue to support Trump must be deported along with him, after a lengthy stay in one of the child detention centers.

Dishonorable Mentions

Madness Elon Musk -Newest addition to the lunatic fringe

Insanity and Greed Mark Zukerberg – Giving away your dignity and privacy to the highest bidder


As with many Democratic politicians, they’re truly Republican. ex Senator Lieberman we know where you stand.



Best news


Reunite them now !!!

Trump thinks NATO ally, Montenegro, could attack Russia and start WWIII. What an effin fool.

Waffle Dons’ Dream; Having Russia and North Korea invade the US. Thanks Don


2 thoughts on “Waffle Don LOCK HIM UP

  1. To this day I am just stunned that this person got elected Prez.. actually that he was even on the ballot, with zero political experience… what the hell is wrong with the people who chose this guy ! !

    1. Thanks for commenting Ktz2. I was really surprised when he won the electoral college. To me it was a clear demonstration of where our governmental corruption is, the Senate and local. All the gerrymandering worked and the extreme manipulation served them well. I don’t blame Putin since he’s doing exactly what any tyrant would do. He has achieved more than any of the communist leaders in undermining our democracy. He had a lot of help from our Congress and large institutions like the NRA. That’s no excuse for us. We need to vote in overwhelming majorities to take our government back. The manipulation and aggressive behavior of the lunatic fringe will only end once the wave of good people get out and vote.

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