Jesusa H. Christa- And All Her Ships at Sea

sometimes ya just gotta git it out.

So here goes

We have a president who actively attacked our institutions during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. He insulted, maligned and was overtly abusive to anyone who even looked like they might disagree with him. He tried his best to kick the foundation from under just about every long held, beloved institution in our wonderful country. He abused every creed and color. He inspired hate and many to engage in violence. A traitorous act. He and his ilk enjoyed destroying our beliefs and values. They live in Pain Porn. Though sadistic only as they are cowards. They hide behind lies and fictitious stories. Giddy, unstoppable, unquenchable hate. And we are stuck. We are drowning is muck.









(Looks kind of swampy but that’s another story)

He attacks our allies. Our friends who helped and sacrificed during our most insecure times. While we were the vision of hope they were the machine that kept hope alive. We help them they help us. We struggled together to build a better world and it continues, with or without us.

Their dream has made us who we are.









Our traitorous government is only a temporary (set back?) no it’s really a nightmare that must only survive a short while. That is up to us.

We will recover and we will be better.

Ultimately it’s up to you and I.

It is a struggle.

It’s heartbreak one after another.

We strive to achieve a more perfect union.

Never those with blind faith be swayed. They don’t have to be.

They can be exiled with Putin’s ComDon. There’s a little place just above the 38th parallel in SE Asia.















Have you talked with your friends about voting?

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