Shame -update

As Americans we now own this Shame.

Our presidents have caused many atrocities.

Now Child Concentration Camps.

America We is Lost.

Update: For causing horror, inflicting terror and blaming others, this man, Donald J. Trump must be impeached, arrested and locked away. Now he passes and executive order to stop separating families. It’s time for Americans to get busy and not let this happen again.


The state of Michigan

Our state government is taking part in the kidnapping and abusing of children. We must all wear the shame of this tragedy.

Our government is a puppet of multinational overlords. Our government is subject to whichever clown is in the Whitehouse.

This has got to stop.

SHAME ON YOU Michigan Governor RICK SYNDER and those who support and participate in this.

I pray that the voters will remember and make it clear that we do not support this.

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