A Hero

George Westinghouse, a man who saved countless lives with his invention of the air brake system for trains. He continued to make trains safer and more comfortable for passengers. Before the air brake, brakemen would have to slow down each car manually, from the roof of the train and in all weather. One year over 5,000 brakemen were killed. Train disasters were also a daily headline in newspapers across the country. That all ended when he invented the air brake. He also developed better ways to distribute natural gas. But perhaps his greatest effort was to develop alternating current for electrical distribution. Bringing light to a dark world. He employed Tesla, fought Edison and was attacked by JP Morgan when he would not join a “trust”. A man of honor, he provided medical insurance, days off and retirement for his workers which was unheard of at the time. He was dedicated to his wife whom he said was his best friend and greatest supporter. Mr. Westinghouse did not do well in school, his father didn’t really think he’d amount to much. But the senior Westinghouse provided a place in his shop for the younger to work. During the Civil War he joined the New York volunteer carvery. After the war he attended college, during the first year the president of the college, told him he should leave since inventing is his genius. By 22 years old he patented the Air Brake.

George Westinghouse an industrialist, inventor and compassionate human being.

A Hero to many, unknown only to a few.

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