8 thoughts on “Yes we can all dream…

      1. I know you’ve done posts about human traficking, so if you haven’t seen this doc ‘I Am Jane Doe’, you might wanna check it, it’s on youtube. (I don’t like to put youtube links in the comments because it puts the video in the comments, I don’t like to do that). . .
        It’s the story of the website ‘Backpage’ and how they knowingly encouraged prostitution services, including the repeated selling of minors for sex., making insane millions of $$. . There were a number of long court battles that Backpage kept winning every time! Maddening…although those responsible were finally held to answer just last month.

      2. I’m going to place the link in the comments. It looks like the whole documentary is here.

        We as humans must take aggressive action to stop this. Recently in Jordan they’ve been publicly stoning rapists -That’s a good start. These predators must be stopped. Child abusers should be publicly shamed and more.

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