Certain Moments Certain Lines

The picture doesn’t release its secrets

Three more cigarettes and you’ll get there

From passing vehicles unkind faces stare

Are you a step-child of the planet

The door is closed only to you

Gas lamps and oil trucks

The band plays louder

Buried up to my nose in noise

With one click it’s a date

With two it’s love

Are you still reading

Are you still there

Buried in boxes of books tales so long untold

Shadows crawl up the wall

Shorter days minutes of love will never return

Sunshine give-away

The disc continues to spin

Music is my wife

Richard lives on a dollar fifty a day

I watch from my personal incarceration chamber

Rolling close the bus did not stop

Parasites consume the remaining beauty

I can’t believe I’m here now

“Hangman. Hangman wait a little while

I think I see my brother coming riding many a mile

Did you bring some silver? Did you bring some gold?

What did you bring me my brother to keep me from the gallows pole?”

Push it back Push it back

In the darkness she reaches for that last hope of normal

From now on all the smiles are lies

Crashing waves seem sympathetic

Unrevealing and recoiling

The spin pushes you to the next day

Buried in diversions you’ll be happy

Smile so others can see

Are you still reading

Are you still there

“I can see my brother coming -riding many a mile”

Falling by two replacing the next

Gas lamps and oil trucks

Tuesday morning and Calamity’s luck

Catching rays

Turn me back to the light

Mine isn’t your way

Enough with the artificial

I’m the punk who won’t play

I can be kind enough to get through the day

I see the lie behind your smile

No call out

because like me you

just want to get through

I won’t take the advantage

You shouldn’t either but you did

That blanket will keep you safe

Push it back Push it back

Louder louder let the noise wash through you

Scream in your chamber

Call me out for the fool I am

If you don’t I’ll keep dancing

I’ll wear the fashion of acceptance

While me madness spirals out of control

Green stairs and faceless bodies

Chasing down the emoji of love

and no one’s around

Sucking it in

Algorithms are true

You are defined and defiled

Identity in a sea of nobody

Like a stadium wave when you don’t

Dancing on the precipice of the dark web

It’ll be stored and analyzed later

soon as we hire enough people

The anonymous pens your autobiography

Are you still reading

Are you still there

The good part’s on the next page

Grasp at brotherhood and sisterhood

Gasp that last bit of air

A glance of mistrust your look doesn’t

match the event

If not invited to, you’ll leave

Is your only response to light up a waffle house

To advantaged the weak

Were those your childhood dreams

Is this where you want to be

I wish I could understand

I could provide options

Something else to express yourself

All the good you’ve done

All the pain you’ve eaten

has left you cold enough to destroy others

Did your grievance take you out of love

Is there no peace in this noisy world

Must your primal insanity take control

Why make others pay

You can discover love

You can be the strong one

You can demonstrate integrity and compassion

A ripple of joy

A foundation of hard fought peace

Stand tall to be kind

Before you take that step

Remember laughter

You are human

So are they

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