I believe

I believe in you.

I believe in the love we have for one another.

I believe you are doing your best to make this a better world.

I believe you care for and love your family and friends.

I believe that the Governments of the world know the planet will not last longer than a generation. So their greed kicked in and they have to consume more.

I believe that our first responders and public service employees are trained to hate and not to help. They will only help if you pass the “I like you.” test.

I believe that local, state and federal governments will do anything to take your possessions and money.

I believe that the animals on this planet are dying out faster than we are being told.

I believe that dolphin and whale  beach suicides are based on pollution and plastics in the waters.

I believe that drugs are brought into countries by government supported agencies. And that drug programs to arrest citizens are part of a process to intimidate and imprison the population.

I believe that American Presidents are flipped, either by force or money, when they get into office and it doesn’t matter what they say they are going to do.

I believe Clinton, Bush2 and Trump are absolutely the same. Clinton and Bush2 gave lip service and Trump doesn’t even bother.

I believe that Obama was paid off and kept prisoner in the White House.

I believe that our legislature has not been ours for a long time. At least since the end of world war II. Before that you could buy one or two now you can purchase the whole lot.

I believe that world politicians allowed the multi-nationals take control of the world and its resources.

I believe that the world doesn’t give a shit about Africa.

I believe that extremes on either side of the political center are the same people.

I believe men walked on the moon.

I believe the Holocaust happened.

I believe no one wants to be a criminal. Circumstances take us there.

I believe we are manipulated every minute of every day. We cannot know if we have free choice or free will.

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