Boycott Nestle

Boycott Nestle


Our state government is allowing Nestle to take our most precious resource, Water

State approves Nestle’s water withdrawal permit

For their shortsighted greed and abuse of the public trust the DEQ needs to be closed and those who support this must be removed from office.

2 thoughts on “Boycott Nestle

  1. This brings to mind that evil sleezy Big Business ‘perk’ for government ‘pollution allowance credits’.. The polluting companies are allowed a certain amount of monthly/annual ‘credits’ for inflicting pollution.. but they can also BUY aditional credits for MORE polluting without being fines for exceeding their allotment…
    The gov’t gets their fucking $$–so important !– and the evil polluters pollute further, and everyone’s happy… oh, except the citizens who pay for it with taxes, and suffer the environmental consequences…

    1. So true. Then as happened here we have to increase property taxes to clean up the toxic mess. We cannot charge the polluter they are protected by the government and the stupidity of our City Council.

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