Bullies Suck

One thing bullies cannot stand is someone who pushes back against their aggression.

Bullying is cowardice.

Bullies at first act tough but if you persist against them they run away.

Bullies run when confronted.

I know it’s against your nature to cause harm but if you do not push back you will be the victim for the rest of your life. You can change this at anytime. Once you push back against a bully you’ll realize your own liberation and strength. Even if you were bullied you can stop the cycle anytime you choose.

Pushing back does not mean physically sometimes it’s just attitude, sometimes it’s just a look.

Remember bullies are weak.

Any negative response hurts them. That’s why they try to over power you. If you take away that power they cannot bully you.

Bullies pick on you because they are being picked on somewhere else. They take out their shame and fear on you.

When you push back all of the sudden they want to be your friend because they need your strength.

You are stronger than the bully.

You don’t have to take it.

Bullies SUCK

Images taken from Google images; Keyword, bullying (Thank you meme makers and posters)

Thank you readers.

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