Polling vs Voting

  1. Don’t believe the polls. Look what happened, Hillary averaged 30 points more than the other guy and she lost.
  2. Polls depend on human interaction. If someone calls you will you tell them the truth? You may but will your neighbor.
  3. Polls are geographical. We all know one neighborhood can be completely different than the next.
  4. Who answers the phone? Who do pollsters call?
  5. Poll questions. How are the questions asked? What words are used?
  6. Poll questions:
    1. If I were to call you how likely are you to answer the phone? 1 – 5. 5 being unlikely.
    2. If you did answer the phone would my accent sway your opinion 1 -5
    3. If I used trigger words like Clinton or Trump, Hindu or Muslim, liberal or conservative, gender, poly gender, heterosexual how would that effect your response 1 – 5
    4. Can you tell me the difference between Climate Change and Global Warming?

We can’t know who or why we are called by pollsters. You probably met a certain demographic and they need reassurance.

It’s our duty as citizens to vote.

A few days before voting make sure you are registered before going to the polls.

I say vote with your mind and not with your heart.

Do not be swept up by the polls. Vote it’s your duty and your right.

Now I can get to work Little Rants.

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