Thank you Younglings

Children have changed America. Please continue to do so.

Follow your hearts. Do not be stopped by those who wish to confront, degrade you or intimidate you.

I am utterly shocked by the politicization and the outright hostility  and lies demonstrated by some in the media, politicians and others about mass shootings. It’s Sandy Hook all over again. These deniers become insanely aggressive and employ a scorched earth policy, which sounds kind of Russian to me. It’s truly amazing that they can be so evil and attack everyone around them. I believe these people need to be deported. They are unAmerican and the are enemies within.

This hate must stop.

No More Excuses.

Stop Blaming the Victims.

Below: A couple of articles and then a couple of videos

NRA Fascist Puppet lies and lies again

Rubio Lying puppet shill.

Keep up the good work Children of America. You have a strong history of making change in this country.

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