Thank you Younglings

Children have changed America. Please continue to do so.

Follow your hearts. Do not be stopped by those who wish to confront, degrade you or intimidate you.

I am utterly shocked by the politicization and the outright hostility¬† and lies demonstrated by some in the media, politicians and others about mass shootings. It’s Sandy Hook all over again. These deniers become insanely aggressive and employ a scorched earth policy, which sounds kind of Russian to me. It’s truly amazing that they can be so evil and attack everyone around them. I believe these people need to be deported. They are unAmerican and the are enemies within.

This hate must stop.

No More Excuses.

Stop Blaming the Victims.

Below: A couple of articles and then a couple of videos

NRA Fascist Puppet lies and lies again

Rubio Lying puppet shill.

Keep up the good work Children of America. You have a strong history of making change in this country.

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