Anti-Gun Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Always

The only good gun
The only good gun

I’ve shot guns. I practiced when I was younger. I guess I didn’t get the rush others get. I used shotguns, rifles and sometimes pistols. Many in my family used them for target practice or hunting. One of my uncles made old style flint locks for show and use in target practice. They were locked up and we were trained never, ever play with them or joke around when they were present. As kids we had no desire to use them. The training was serious and we were told over and over they were not toys.

They never appealed to me.

I have always been against government agencies having guns. Yes I do not believe the government has the right to take a life. I don’t care if it’s for war or police use. No. If you want a war well use sticks and rocks. If you’re a law enforcement agency use your brain. There is absolutely no need for firearms in society. As you can guess a lot of people do not like my opinion. So sorry, not.

This gun craze has got to stop. Any elected official who supports gun ownership and is a hawk for war must be voted out of office. Maybe even held in collusion for the murders and destruction caused by people with guns. I’m also calling out the NRA which used to be for hunters and now it’s grown into a fascist organization and must be outlawed.

Stop the manufacture of firearms.

We can do better as human beings.

Peace to All

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3 thoughts on “Anti-Gun Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Always

  1. Thank you for such a timely post. I lived in countries, both Singapore and Malaysia, that doesn’t allow guns for civilians and its horrifying to read news that involved mass shootings.

    1. Thank you. We should take the next step and have guns removed from government agencies. No laws needed just stop the manufacture of all weapons. As citizens we have the right not to fear of be abused by our respective governments.

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