Space Tesla in Space

I don’t care that Elon Musk sent a Tesla into space. It’s charming and romantic to think of it heading to the asteroid belt.

Once it gets there… will it hit an asteroid?

Where will that asteroid go?



(Photo source Google images. Poster unknown to me at this time)

3 thoughts on “Space Tesla in Space

  1. ‘I did it just because I could’ is what I get from this, but really, what is the purpose of this extravagence? Maybe I’m silly & naive but I think those with mountains of money, however they came by it, are ethically obliged to do some good in the world with some of it.

    1. I struggle with that also. While we are here to populate the solar system we must take care of our planet and its occupants. To see such waste and well, pollution is frustrating. With the proper agencies we wouldn’t see this type of mistake.

  2. Completely random but someone posted a series of funny Elon Musk videos on Facebook. I can’t deal. And the fact that his name sounds like cologne is very funny.

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