WordPress Mallware Attack

WordPress you are the first recipient of the “2018 Bad Doggie Award”

..and finally…

WordPress doesn’t seem to care to notify us about the attacks on our sites. More and more typical of our out of touch organizations. After all why should they care? Is that true WordPress?



I read awhile ago that Congress was going to pass a law requiring sites to notify users when their accounts have been attacked. I’m sure enough money was exchanged to stop that legislation.


The ads below are really troublesome I do not want you to take the click bait. That bitcoin should be called bit con. Please do not encourage these spam-phish sites that word press demands to place on my page. Know that they are mostly there to gather your data or steal your identity.

6 thoughts on “WordPress Mallware Attack

  1. Thanks for reading. I do appreciate your visits and your likes. I’m planning two more recipients for the 2018 Bad Doggie Awards, so far. Hopefully they’ll be a little more thoughtful. I saw the article about WP this morning and had to get it out. We need to protect ourselves.

  2. I did the site check thing, they said my site was blocked from their scan..? But I use the paid Malwarebytes which checks for all that bad stuff with real-time protection… but wtf about WS being mum about the dangers & threats !

    1. I bet they can’t scan your site since you have a detector already and maybe even ad block stops the scan. I don’t know why these sites do not inform. Integrity goes along way. Since WP is one of the freebies they probably feel we can go somewhere else if we don’t like it. But that ain’t no way to run a railroad.

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