2 thoughts on “9 minutes Voices of Slavery

  1. Wow..history captured.. I lived in Annapolis MD for 2½ years. It was long ago, 2 yrs before Roots happened and when I saw it on tv, they showed Kunta Kinta & other slaves being sold on a raised platform in the Annapolis town square, next to the Bay…when I lived there I didn’t know its history, it’s still there now.. It was pretty heavy to learn the shit that happened there 200+ yrs earlier.

    Speaking of history, the gang that was writing the constitution sometimes gathered in the Maryland Tavern, still in business when I was there. It’s on a brick street not far from the slave auction site..
    .It’s said that Ben Franklin was hanging out with those guys, he’s my favorite historical guy .. The thought that I was walking on the same bricks as old Ben blew my mind..I’d come from out west where we didn’t have the old history like in the east.

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