Love Of Hate/Violence Is King


Run up on you and slap

Run up on you and kick

Run up on you and break

You don’t like what I say? Pistols outside now

I don’t like your look. I’ll smash out your windows

I’ll laugh when you fall. LMAO when you break.

Your pain is entertaining to my viewers

Yeah up vote every punch

Call the authorities. Then the abuse will be real. You’ll be processed alright.

Hot for violence. Every child, adult, authority, citizen loves your pain wants to participate

Please perform for us and make it real

Beat the dog, kick the cat torture all that you can

Bully me and I’ll bully someone else

Or just open fire and watch them run

We’ll stream live on Face book

Click that thumbs up or I’ll break your clicker

I need to feel something I can’t feel for you anymore

My gun is the only thing that understands me

Friendship doesn’t matter my bullets need a place to go

It’s your loss but don’t deny my likes while I express myself

for the world to see

Generation of Kill, maim and dismember

I’ll do my best to properly die when you come to visit.


We can change but why bother.

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