9 thoughts on “Dance Baby Dance

  1. As usual your collection of videos is an interesting mix. .liked the Utah Saints thing, and it was fun to see Cab Calloway still bringing it in ’58, 15-20 after the original (also fun to see him featured later in the Blues Brothers movie). The pairing of Fred & Ginger to the beat of Sing Sing Sing was great as well…. but no, I’m not THAT old to be from that time, I’m just a vintage freak from way back.

    1. I was amazed by the date also. Calloway’s timing and energy are truly outstanding. His wit adds the icing on the cake. Utah Saints’ video is pretty funny. I really like some of the newer music like Roisin Murphy. The swing beat is what I was looking for with this batch. I’m happy to find it in some of the new music. The Andrew Sisters and The Chordettes are standard pop of the time. Yeah I dig the vintage styles also.

    1. Thank you. I was thinking that dance sped up recently but looking at videos not listed below like Hellzapoppin and others there were many, many very fast dancers throughout the recorded history. Thanks for viewing and visiting.

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