Rage for Life


I see you; caring for and helping. I feel you when you think no one does.

This is a cheer for you.

As you know

Radicalism and intolerance are antithesis to life

Killing is the most absurd form of defense and protest

Wiping out a life is wiping out our future

There is a loss of ideas and discoveries. There is a loss of love, family and companion. A loss that cannot be quantified, it can only be known personally. All of us know we’ve lost something.

There is work to do.

Living to help others is the only possible reason to live.

Nuance is dead.

It died the first day mtv aired. Though we love our hyper-reality we lose our intimacy.

Our deep dive into technological oblivion brought us here. And I love it.

Just say it clean. Just say it clean.

We live in the best of times. Who could have imagined there would be all of this? Fortunately human nature is somewhere south of perfection. We require struggle. We need adversity.

Go ahead on and try. Go ahead on and fail. Please make mistakes so we can all learn.

It’s time for in your face camaraderie.

Strength is found in good will.

If you need to win you can win through love. Winning is not the goal.

The concept of winning should be left to race car drivers and the like.

Humans succeed through love. We discover through hardship.

Go ahead on and share.

We are together.

The struggle may be hard, lonely and at times unbearable but the payoff is divine.

Keep up the good work.

I believe in you.

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