I hate you. I hate your more. Yeah well plus infinity. Nan anan abooboo

Calling your fellow citizens names says more about you than about them. I have to ask why? Why are you allowing the voices in the “news” manipulate your opinions? Why are you attacking many people you don’t know? Is it group think? I know very good people on both sides of the political spectrum. There are even some centrists remaining, we keep them protected and away from the light.
Our institution of the “news” seem to call everyone every name until something sticks. This is wrong. The writers and those in the “news” are speaking to audiences and they should respect their listeners. Using name calling does not show any respect for your audience. It is up to the audience to pay attention and gather facts. That is where we fail. We’ll run with whatever Butthead #1 says until Butthead #2 has a good come back. Yes we are the problem.
The wedges driven between Democrats and Republicans have existed since the beginning of the parties. The politicians, political parties and supporters have attacked their opponents throughout history. Increasing the amount of noise, increases the amount of hate.
Special interests have tried to dominate the parties since the beginning and why not, that’s why they call them special interests.
The RNC and the DNC have done a great disservice to our country and the world. They are quick to blame everyone and deny responsibility.
If anyone has failed we all have failed. It is up to us to hold our institutions to higher standards. We must hold ourselves to those higher standards.
It is up to us to hold both sides accountable. We should not practice “blind faith” for any politician or party.
I am not going to be the “un-loyal aggravated” I will remain the “loyal opposition.”
Even though it’s attacked everyday we must return to TRUST.
Before you jump in to hate your neighbor. Remember Trust. Remember Consideration and remember the respect we all wish to receive.

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