What the Eff is Flakka? It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

Please be aware

This is definitely a hard core drug. I don’t even know how I would react to seeing someone on this stuff.

There are many new, bazaar drugs (bath salts, Molly) and more. They are much worse than anything seen before.

17 thoughts on “What the Eff is Flakka? It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

  1. Without looking at the videos you have posted her I have seen a lot of videos about people taking this drug. It is downright scary. It seems like they are put in psychosis. Another drug that is deadly is fenatyl which takes your life if you have too much. Many people in my community have lost their lives. Sad.

      1. Yes all drugs do if they keep taking it. It is sad to see a vibrant teenager turn into an outlaw sort of speaking in a matter of months where they will do anything for their next fix. Some drugs more deadly than others. I read about Flakka years ago hitting Floriday if I am not mistaken. I think also that Flakka does damage to the nervous system.

      2. I agree. I’m surprised that it hasn’t been more in the news. I only heard about it while looking for other videos. I hope there will be more of an informational campaign regarding these drugs.

  2. It seems pretty intrusive to film people in that state. I looked up flakka after seeing your post and came across a good article in The Conversation that busts the zombie myth.

  3. Just 2 days ago I discovered a YT video named World’s Scariest Drug–about the evil use of scopolamine. The named drug is approved in the US for various medical uses but with a lot of possible side effects.

    The video is about the plant extract illegally made into a powder, which affects its unsupecting users in an especially frightening way

  4. . . but this Flakka is also horrifying. I’d have to guess initially for some there is a pleasant high, otherwise why would anyone CHOOSE to take it, risking becoming so damaged & psychotic. .

    1. After watching the last video it apparently builds up in your system. First it’s a euphoric, adrenaline buzz and as you take more over time the psychosis builds.

    2. The Flakka seems similar to the effects of PCP when severe, the superhuman strength.
      This sounds like an urban myth but it’s not, I heard firsthand from a police officer I knew.

      A handcuffed man in the jail wagon managed to break through the 2 steel doors and CLIMB ONTO THE ROOF of the wagon driving on the freeway. It had taken 5 officers to restrain him into cuffs. . SCARY

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