I Loved You Long Time


George Carlin said it best “Your Government doesn’t care about you.” Here’s more proof. The national disgrace continues. Here’s the next step more stupefying than the last. A Government of Goons in bed with the Rich and Lazy. Betsy Devos her family has donated $200 million to the Republican Party. If that’s not Plutocracy then you better update the dictionaries.  Story


Ladies and Gentlemen The Great George Carlin

3 thoughts on “I Loved You Long Time

  1. ‘Your government doesn’t care about you’ goes way back!
    By chance I learned about Prez Hoover refusing WW1 veterans aid in 1932, which led to the first (I think) March On Washington , met with violence. .The men had lost their jobs, homes, they had NOTHING, starving.
    It’s in a PBS American Experience documentary on YT named After the Crash

    1. Thanks for responding. True. And the WWII “Hero” MacArthur was in charge of the troops who violently pushed the veterans out of Hooverville. There are many more examples of our Government attacking its citizens. We do need to be reminded often since the manipulation of public opinion is so powerful.

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