6 thoughts on “Always in Context

    1. I’m considering your point. Chomsky never seemed to be pro government or pro politician. He’s certainly anti war. I think he voiced a concern about where President Obama, a President Clinton and NATO might be leading the west. It’s a fair warning since any country getting pushed back will lash out.

      1. If you listen to the interview again, he had never , not once, ever given a negative opinion of Russia and Putin.. the interviewer was trying to bait him, but he didn’t bite.

      2. You are right. I’m not a blind-faither. I hope he isn’t pro-Russian or pro-Putin. I’ve always seen him as somewhat outside of pro or con. I may be wrong. (Certainly won’t be the first time)
        The way the interview went I was getting kind of frustrated by the interviewer. He seemed to be baiting Chomsky.

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