Other Things

Dogs howl for something more

I saw them in the yard

My drink went warm

I’m not sure but I think animals are happier alone

I watched them together in their own crowd

Much happier without us


I was alone when the party came to a close

Everyone decided to leave at more or less the same time

No one was drinking and everyone could drive

I stared at the blank canvas

It waits for me

I mixed the paints

Trying to find that surprising color

I used the pallet knife to get an edge

Slowly the white void grew into a host of colors

The texture would change with each touch of the brush

The beginning of an enigma


Overlapping pages of my thoughts

It’s okay we saw the play

We understand that the book is not the same

A touch of tragedy

Unidentified I exist



This pavement

This car

I’ve driven my emotions

Power switch on

asphalt hypnotic blackness

I watch the reflectors

Fast in my trance

Asphalt is forever


A cloud never finds peace

though it thunders

though it dissolves

Forever pushed


The capsized boat didn’t float nowhere

the current did what it could

I watched but sometimes I can’t understand

the Universe slowed

the tide came in

the wreckage disappeared

the sun scorched everything

the clouds wouldn’t dare cover its’ fire


The colorful dance of twilight waltzed across the hood of my car

The FM stations faded in and out

Then she drove by

There seems to be something else to everything you want to do


You never had dreams before today

Always searching, wandering, jumping from shadows

Afraid of every false prophet with a poem

Maybe you should have stayed home

you had to be a roller

one night stands

groupie for a band

you wanted to be lonely

Independence never fails

But there are no friends out here on the perimeter

you found out

To caress your loneliness you made friends in you mind

What a fine cell you have built

for no one to enter

and no one to leave

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