A call…..

I am calling on all Liberals and Progressives to purchase guns. Yup purchase every firearm and all the ammo you can find. Learn how to use it and safely store it.

Practice makes perfect


We need a national movement to scare the hell out of some of these pizzagate dupes.


Nothing will terrify the “Alt-Right” (Racist Bastards) more than a well trained, well armed Progressive Posse


Heck we know what’s coming so why wait


Purchase guns, join the NRA and find work at Conservative radio and blogs. It’s time for progressives to take the country back.


We had eight years of the Presidency and it’s only the beginning. Let’s continue this roll by doing our daily diligence of Love and Caring while taking over gun ownership, the NRA and Conservative Talk Radio. -Yes We Can.


Progressives and Liberals are being attacked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yeah we know what’s coming.

Buy a gun, learn how to use it. Join the NRA and work at talk radio. It’s a steep hill but we must climb it to win. Nothing better than a challenge and this might be the greatest challenge.


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