Things I left behind

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Happy to be by your side

If you could see me now

Yet no lasting hope for love

While Fall rolls in with the tide

So far away for me

The feeling of your love that

Even though I can’t seem to notice

is always at my side

I try to project my love to you

I try to console you with a feeling of serenity, comfort

and friendship

Laugh with me I love your smile

Cry with me I am not afraid

Talk with me I will listen

When you’re feeling lonely

Think of me

I’ll be thinking of you

So good to come around

So good to come around

You forever seem to have a smile

It’s so good to come around

You never seem to mind

When I come around to waste your time

Your smile can sail a thousand a ships

Continually caring

Your smile can launch a thousand rockets

and when night comes around

When you smile and say goodnight

I can see you always care for the stray

So good to come around

The love you show will never allow you to be alone


She came upstairs yesterday

Waiting for some new man in her book

She was very excited

She was beautiful



I’ll see you later

She says goodnight see you tomorrow

We smile and look the other way

The sun is shining

The sky is clear

Somewhere it feels like rain

I don’t want to hear that song again

I don’t want to learn the words

If I can’t be with you

Just let me be alone

Somewhere it feels like rain

Let’s smile when we say goodnight

Imagine the hurt doesn’t show

No one knows but you feel the pain

and the loneliness grows

I don’t want to hear that song again

I don’t want to learn the words

If I can be with you

Just let me be alone


Come om Baby

Can we get out alive

There is fire in here but

it’s dark outside

Take me to a time when our love was real

So real

Back to the joy we used to feel

Come on Baby

There’s hardly a chance to survive

One more thought before my mind burns

one more second to hold your hand

My thoughts dance in the sky

Calling your name as you run away

Let my soul rest to my home so far away

Her hand left mine

as I drifted away for the last time



forming angles

forming to form

floating in a predestined life

Happiness is fate

If that is what you believe

so many changing faces

so common those still here

so strange us to them

Images floating around

Running free unbound


seeing someone

someone new

someone who seems to have been around for years

Caring enough

She sees your dreams

and understands a difference in life

the same insight



Hello All

I’m writing this letter cause I don’t think I’m gonna be home for awhile

I’ve been living as a peasant king in exile

Searching within my bounds

for a meaning of all

How are we sane

Everything so intense

Pushing for more to gain

Everyone so unstrung

got to be accepted or you will remain unsung

I don’t care – I don’t want to be on top

I want to live forever knowing



I steal detailed tablets of your dreams

shaded in the vision of your nightmare

I stand collecting to assume

watching terror as the paradox looms

I receive emotions you wish to hide

Neither to abuse nor retort

only to receive and report


What about the dog

I said as she walked away for the last time

We meant so little to each other

I was happy to keep the dog

I did miss her at the time Until rage took over

I felt used

I just paid your car payment I cried

as she drove away for the last time

Oh what about the cat

What about our little established nook

and the lack of those romantic moments

As I piled her clothes on the porch

What about me

While I become the cuckold and she becomes the whore

yeah what about it


So we dreamed

You couldn’t etch through the fog

It was beautiful the dimensions were there

Plain and simple but true to form

The birds sang

The green yellow brown and black folded into the colors of

summer with hints of autumn

reminding me of spring back east

bidding my time in the mid west

the silence was a mountain

Moment rare to the turth

Only thoughts relate to the common

the music came from the trees

the music conquered the silence

folded colors of summer




Dreaming I saw the outline of life

I saw happiness in the plain smile

of a person on the bridge

so life slowly begins in the morning of another day



9 thoughts on “Things I left behind

    1. Thank you. Your comment means a lot to me. Sometimes when words come together you have to stop writing and let them stand and maybe build something around them.

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