Me Unkind

Hello All

Please don’t think me unkind.

If I’ve stopped following your blog.

My email gets jammed with all the notifications.

Though I want to know and I do care.



I wish there was a way to follow without filling my inbox.

I’ll still search you out and like your posts.

So many wonderful insights, news and personal experiences.

I love knowing and it helps me grow.

Please don’t think me rude if I do not click like.

I read many. Translate many. Sometimes the like button escapes me






Keep doing that voodoo you do so well…

My Goal ………  Calm ……… Ohmmmmm-lama-lama


11 thoughts on “Me Unkind

  1. There’s a way to not get the new-post emails, I’ve never gotten one–the new posts just appear in the Reader, viewed at your convenience.

  2. Here’s how you manage this…Go into Reader and click on “Manage” next to Followed Sites. This will give you a list of all the sites you follow. Next to each site is a little > symbol. Click on that and it will ask you if you want to receive email notifications for new posts. By turning the notification off, you are still following the blogger and the posts will show up in Reader, but you won’t get emails. Hope that helps!

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